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i am just a SIMPLE GIRL~~~

In the video, a fan was going to say something about Kyuhyun and KRY had to guess what she was going to say…

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This challenge is over; Kyuhyun’s ready eager to move on to the next one, MC..

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Kyuhyun expressions while playing Mario Kart >u<

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Super Junior and their engrish english

Super Junior and their engrish english

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**MC asked Kyuhyun whether he was feeling that his recent sharp-tongued image might be different from his old image. Kyu said he was remaining the same person “pure and innocent” and what people were seeing on TV was fake.
MC: In my opinion, what I’m seeing now is fake.
Kyuhyun: I was thinking the same.

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Super Junior: Expectations vs. Reality

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Pre debut Kyuhyun

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I am no ONE IMPORTANT, I am just a SIMPLE GIRL, with a SIMPLE LIFE~~

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